BAE Systems and three Michigan-based manufacturers, are currently working to prevent the possible shutdown of the Army’s Bradley Fighting Vehicle production line that would result in serious consequences to the Bradley Industrial Base, the Michigan community and the U.S. national defense. The Army’s current funding plan calls for the shutdown of this industrial base for at least three years, beginning in 2014.

These Michigan companies all bring unique and important assets to the production line and are essential to the Bradley and other Armored Brigade Combat Team (ABCT) vehicles. However, without funding, they will be forced to stop supporting the Bradley production line, cut employee and in some cases, leave the defense industry forever.


The time is now for the Army to invest in the Bradley production line that will prevent these Michigan-based companies, among hundreds of companies just like them across the country, from losing important business that maintains their skilled workforce and supports the readiness of the U.S. military.


Troy Tube & Manufacturing employees work on parts used in the Bradley Fighting Vehicles.

Troy Tube & Manufacturing

Location: Chesterfield, Michigan


Employees: 100

Bradley Vehicle Support: Troy Tube & Manufacturing supplies the tubular fabrications and weldments for the Bradley programs.

What would be the impact of the Bradley Industrial Base shutdown on the skilled workforce?
John Maniaci, president of Troy Tube & Manufacturing said without Bradley work and as defense cuts continue to move forward, Troy Tube will have to diversify their customer base away from the defense industry and gain market share in other industries.

If we don't have any orders to fill, we may lose unique jobs and skills forever, as it takes several years to train and build these skills. John Maniaci, President, Troy Tube & Manufacturing

Loc Performance Products

Location: Plymouth, Michigan


Employees: 187 


Bradley Vehicle Support: Loc Performance supplies the gearset, final drives and suspension for the Bradley and other ABCT vehicles.

What would be the impact of the Bradley Industrial Base shutdown on the skilled workforce?
“We are very proud of our company’s contribution to the production and maintenance of the Bradley vehicle,” said Wayne Dula, director of business development for Loc Performance Products. “During these difficult economic times, we cannot maintain the skilled workers and equipment needed if the production is shut down.”



Defense Components of Detroit

Location: Auburn Hills, Michigan


Employees: 35

Bradley Vehicle Support: Defense Components of Detroit manufactures about 45 different parts for the Bradley including all related linkages, and ratchets for the Bradley shift towers, and suspension and optic mounting components for battle simulators. In total, the Bradley work accounts for 40 percent of their current business.

What would be the impact of the Bradley Industrial Base shutdown on the skilled workforce?
“We have been honored to support our troops and contribute to the production of one of the world’s most powerful combat vehicles,” said James Carlton, owner of Defense Components of Detroit. “With the loss of our Bradley work, we will lose a significant percentage of the workload and be forced to slim down our current workforce of 35.”