At BAE Systems, our engineers solve some our customers’ most complex challenges. They help design, deliver and support advanced defense, aerospace and security solutions to keep our nation safe, protect our men and women in uniform and solve challenging problems.
By day, our engineers work at the forefront of modern technology, but outside of their day jobs, they invest time engaging and supporting both company-sponsored programs and outside organizations that empower younger generations to succeed in engineering fields.
WiT Program

Investing in Our Own

Some of the ways our engineers inspire the next-generation of engineers is through company-sponsored mentoring programs. Our engineers participate in various programs, like FOCUS, Women in Technology, and the LEAP Internship Program, where they mentor high school and college students. These programs allow our employees to provide students with hands-on learning opportunities in areas such as engineering, technology, information management, and manufacturing. In turn students are able to get an up-close look at what it is like to work at BAE Systems and the problems our engineers solve each day.

Partnering with Community Organizations

In addition to our company-wide mentoring  programs, we provide support to several STEM-based nonprofit organizations, including the National Math & Science Initiative, Boys and Girls Club Project Learn, Girls Inc., and FIRST. In fact, through our sponsorship of FIRST, teams of our engineers have participated and provided support to more than 100 teams that compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition both coaching and mentoring these teams leading up to and during the competitions. Additionally, we have worked with the Nashua Community College in New Hampshire to establish a Microelectronics Boot Camp where students attend a 10-week course that prepares them for the workforce and to help meet industry demands.
By partnering with these organizations we are able to help enrich the lives of future engineers throughout the year.

Mission Impossible Challenge

In honor of National Engineers Week, a week in February when government, corporations, and education societies come together to celebrate engineers, our Intelligence and Security business joins the occasion by hosting their annual team-building competition – “Mission Impossible Innovation Challenge.” Hundreds of employees at 20 locations across the country will compete in teams to complete their assigned mission in the time allotted with only the supplies provided to them.
Mission Impossible

Future Engineers

Whether it’s participating in company-sponsored mentoring programs or partnering with nonprofit organizations, our engineers continue to dedicate their time to paving the way for future engineers.
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Community Investment