Stefanie Cruby recently celebrated her 22nd anniversary at BAE Systems. As the quality lead for the construction and design group at HSAAP, Stefanie is responsible for ensuring that subcontractors meet and adhere to strict requirements, ensuring the safety of HSAAP employees and ultimately the country’s warfighters. She first discovered her desire to work at HSAAP as a college student at Northeast State.
Stefanie shares that she worked at HSAAP for more than twenty years because she truly loves the mission and how the historic plant and its dedicated team continually support the warfighter.
Holston employee Stefanie Cruby
"I've stayed at Holston because I love what we do. Not only do I love my team, but I love knowing our work makes a difference for our country. What we do protects people, and I feel very honored and humbled to work for BAE Systems. I'm helping protect America.”
During her time at HSAAP, Stefanie successfully completed two college degrees alongside her associate’s degree. She is grateful BAE Systems invested in her personal growth and has helped to support her academic success throughout the last two decades.
"I am forever humbled and overwhelmed by the way BAE Systems has supported my education. Their support has been tremendous as I completed my degrees and for that the reason, I’m grateful for my time at HSAAP.”
Like many members of the HSAAP team, Stefanie has family connections to the plant. In May, she married her husband, who also works at HSAAP. Her idea of “family” at work, however, goes far beyond blood ties.
"I consider everybody that works at Holston my family. We're all part of a family that has different backgrounds, different jobs, and different roles, but we are all united by the same mission. I’ve found my family at HSAAP.”
Reflecting on her time at HSAAP, Stefanie finds honor in being part of the plant’s rich history and is excited to see what the next 80 years holds for HSAAP.
“Eighty years is very humbling. From where we started to where we are today, it is an inspiring growth story that gives me hope for the future. The things that we are doing to ensure that this plant is around and survives for the next 80 years are beautiful.”
Stefanie hopes that the team at HSAAP leaves a legacy of accomplishment and innovation. She looks forward to a fruitful future for the plant that she and her team can help support.
“It's been fascinating to watch the plant’s modernization. To see that we are ensuring the longevity of HSAAP and doing all we can to be here to support our warfighters well into the future.”

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