Morgan Walker, who has worked for BAE Systems for three years, holds the site’s mission near and dear to her heart. As a member of a fourth generation Navy family, Morgan knew at a young age that she would one day join the “family” business. 
However, after a health issue prohibited her from serving in the Navy, Morgan pivoted to a new line of service, bringing her to Holston.
“I can't describe the heartbreak of finding out that I wasn't going to be able to serve. It was my life-long dream. Coming to Holston has helped me achieve that dream in a different, unexpected way,” Morgan shares.
Holston employee Morgan Walker
The work Morgan does every day at Holston serves those who are serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, including her immediate family. 
“We help create and produce a product that my brother uses when he's deployed, and because of that, it feels like I'm serving with my family, and I’m helping to keep them safe and bring them home.”
Morgan first joined the HSAAP community as a junior at the University of Tennessee, participating in the Co-Op program. BAE Systems OSI interns participate in a nationwide Internship & Co-Op Program, LEAP, and have the opportunity to Learn, Engage, Apply and Progress within the company. The Co-Op program focuses on developing future leaders who will help fuel innovation to support our nation’s warfighters.
Today, Morgan works full-time at HSAAP as a process engineer, and she takes pride in seeing the developments she was able to help initiate during her time as a Co-Op.
“The fun part about coming back as a full-time employee after being a Co-Op is that I am currently commissioning the buildings that I helped design as a Co-Op,” Morgan notes. “I get to follow the building all the way through, which is really inspiring.”
And Morgan finds inspiration from other Holston Heroes who are further along in their career: 
“When I look around at those who have been here for 10, 20 years, or when I think about the women during World War II who helped get Holston started, I appreciate their ability to show up with integrity, honesty, and ingenuity... They’ve dedicated their lives to this.”
As far as joining the family business, Morgan is right where she belongs as she continues in the tradition of service:
“My family is blown away by what we do and what I get to do. BAE Systems’ motto is ‘We Protect Those Who Protect Us,™’ and we do that at HSAAP, helping to bring our warfighters home safely and with honor and dignity. That’s what we do.”

Meet Our Holston Heroes