She wanted to work at HSAAP as a way to honor her family history. During World War II, her great aunts and her grandfather worked at HSAAP. Together they supported the country’s warfighters during an era of great global conflict.
Lisa’s now been with Holston for several years through different roles. She started working as an explosives plant operator, and, at the time, she was the only female on her crew. With the intention of upholding the work and dedication that her great aunts contributed during World War II, Lisa set out to prove her capabilities.
“When I worked in production, I was the only woman on the crew. I was the only woman on the night shifts. With this comes a strong sense of pride. When I worked at the plant, I remembered my own family, my great aunts, and how hard they worked for the mission at HSAAP.”
However, a medical issue would change Lisa’s path at HSAAP. The team at HSAAP ensured she could recover and continue to get the support she needed from her workplace. BAE Systems offered her a position as a receptionist so she could continue to work at the place she considers so special, alongside the people she considers family.
“BAE Systems always made me feel taken care of when they didn’t have to. I’ve never had a bad job at the Holston site. It’s an environment unlike any other.”
In her years at HSAAP, Lisa has found great pride in the community and volunteer events that the plant participates in. One of her favorite moments was during one of the Relay for Life car shows.
“At the event, a colleague’s daughter was able to come up and pick the winning car. That was truly special to see this little girl’s strength and confidence in that moment and for her to feel support from our team and surrounding community.”
In speaking on what legacy can be found in the walls of HSAAP, she feels inspired by all the Holston Heroes who have come before her.
“To have so many people, especially some of the employees who have been here for so many years, share their history is the true legacy. To walk down the halls and see the pictures on the walls of the beginning of the site and see how far it has come is just amazing. Those are the true Holston Heroes.”

Meet Our Holston Heroes