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With the cancellation of the Department of Defense’s JEDI cloud contract and the recent award of the National Security Agency’s “WildandStormy”, the U.S. government is now looking at multi-vendor cloud computing contracts that offer more flexibility. Cloud professionals need to gain multi-cloud experience and find roles that expose them to the challenges of operating in more than one cloud provider’s infrastructure. 
BAE Systems’ experience in systems engineering, integration, and cloud computing and network operations positions it well to compete for new cloud contracts. In fact, the company is already supporting a variety of cloud computing task orders from the government and serves as the leader in migrating software and solutions to the AWS Top Secret cloud Region. As such, our experts and certified professionals are working on some of the most impressive cloud contracts and supporting our customers’ missions.
Dr. Don Widener, chief technology officer of BAE Systems Intelligence Solutions business
Dr. Don Widener, chief technology officer of
BAE Systems Intelligence Solutions business
“Cloud operations are moving to a multi-cloud model, where government customers benefit from improved efficiencies and cost savings,” said Dr. Don Widener, chief technology officer of BAE Systems Intelligence Solutions business. “As a large systems integration company, we are leading the way in digital transformation and applying and leveraging AISecOps. We’re developing robotic process automation and AI bots to integrate with and improve large-scale cyber operations.”
BAE Systems is a leader in multi-cloud operations, and has expertise moving, integrating, and building out large, complex, multi-classification security programs in cloud architectures. We have a strategic, long-standing partnership with AWS to deploy a wide range of solutions to various AWS GovCloud environments (e.g., FENCES, Cloud One). Additionally, BAE Systems identifies the right commercial cloud provider for their customers’ specific mission needs and leverages its data science capabilities to find improvements when migrating to the cloud.
“We are staying ahead of the curve, planning at least five years out to ensure our employees have the right training and certifications to be able to accomplish high-level, highly secure cloud development work for our customers,” said Dr. Widener. “We’ve designed multi-cloud training and offer cloud certification courses to help empower newer employees along their development journey. Certifications prove expertise, so we offer various levels of incentives for employees who obtain them.”
Working for a BAE Systems’ IT modernization and digital transformation programs will future proof one’s resume, said Widener.
“We’re mission focused. Through the work we do every day, we protect those who protect us. Working for one of our programs offers the chance to really push the boundaries of multi-level security, hyper-automation, and cyber (AISecOps) for cloud,” said Widener. “For prospective employees interested in joining our team, you will be working on leading-edge cloud computing, networking and cyber, newly integrated systems, and will simultaneously obtain the top cloud certifications. It’s really a great time to join our business from a technology perspective.”
Casey Van Camp, CTO Office Training Specialist for BAE Systems Intelligence & Security.
Casey Van Camp, CTO Office Training Specialist
for BAE Systems Intelligence & Security.
BAE Systems Intelligence & Security sector provides its employees the opportunity to qualify for up to 15 cloud certifications from both AWS and Microsoft, with bonuses ranging from $1,500 to $10,000 upon completion. Moreover, there are incentives for a variety of other high-tech certifications in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, digital engineering, secure Agile software engineering, and systems engineering.
“We also designed specific internal training pathways through I&S University,” said Casey Van Camp, CTO Office Training Specialist for BAE Systems Intelligence & Security. “We’re preparing employees at all levels with knowledge on how cloud works from the introductory level all the way through advanced certifications so they can apply that knowledge to our customers’ programs as soon as possible.”

Commercial Cloud Partnerships

Many of our training programs stem from partnerships with the top commercial cloud providers, such as AWS and Microsoft Windows Azure – both of which are heavily used by our customers.
For example, as an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, BAE Systems offers employees free training options from AWS. Our AWS Development Pathways program includes a series of courses offered through the partnership.
AWS Development Pathways
Van Camp said, “Our employees have many opportunities for learning, development and training through I&S University, above and beyond the access we have through our strategic partnerships. Through the AWS partnership, we have access to the Amazon Partner Network (APN) Portal, labs, AWS Cloud Business and Technical Pathways, vetted Skillsoft AWS Training courses and short videos as well as instructor-led training.”
Additionally, BAE Systems designed a deep dive training to help employees make an immediate impact using the latest cloud technology. “We provide a cloud pathway and a roadmap so that those who want to learn don’t have to figure it out on their own by taking a bunch of random courses. We want them to learn the skills they need to succeed. We provide the platform, knowledge, and support to make this a reality,” said Van Camp. Employees accelerate their career by joining BAE Systems working groups of cloud professionals, where they work with employee instructors providing real world learning and gain hands on experience immediately.

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