Members of the team developing propellant products at the Radford Army Ammunition Plant.
The aerospace and defense industry has played an important role in supporting our national security and enabling our warfighters to more fully focus on their mission. At BAE Systems, our mission is to provide a vital advantage to help our customers protect what really matters.

Let’s start with one of our products to give you a clearer picture.
BAE Systems OSI manufactures the Mk90 propellant grain for our customer under what is known as a Government-Owned, Contractor Operated agreement at the Radford Army Ammunition plant (RFAAP). For over 60 years, RFAAP has been a premier manufacturer of Mk90 propellant grains and helped deliver the punch for our warfighters.

Ok, and that’s a lot of history! But where does the product go next?
The Mk90 propellant grain is used in the Hydra family of rockets system, which includes BAE Systems’ Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS®) laser-guided rocket.

The Mk90 propellant is supplied to the General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems facility in Camden, Arkansas, a prime integrator for the Hydra family of rockets, and there they are loaded into the final rocket assemblies.

Once the Hydra 70 rockets are loaded, how are they used?
The Hydra 70 rockets enable a variety of configurations including smoke, illumination, flechettes, and high-explosive warheads. They provide a low cost, high reliability option that add flexibility based on anticipated needs of each mission.

What attack helicopters and fixed wing aircraft would use a Hydra 70 rocket?
Currently, 17 of the world's most utilized and lethal airborne platforms are qualified with BAE Systems' APKWS® laser guided rocket system which uses the Hydra 70 rocket, including:
There are 17 launch platforms qualified with our APKWS guidance section

There are 17 launch platforms qualified with our APKWS guidance section

Wow, so the Mk 90 propellant grain really has an impact on our armed forces?
Yes, the Radford Army Ammunition Plant may be at the beginning of the process, but plays an important role in ensuring the victory of the US Army, whenever and wherever they are called to fight in defense of our nation.               
Everyone on the team plays an important part in delivering progress and innovation on this scale. It’s incredible to think how many generations have walked on these sites with eyes on the future. If you’re thinking about joining the team at BAE Systems Ordnance Systems Inc. (OSI) then visit #doyourpart
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