An Army green RB301, the new concept Infantry Fighting Vehicle rolling lab developed by BAE Systems, proudly sitting against an early morning sky.

In order to innovate the best combat solutions for the soldiers of 2030 and beyond, we have to use new methods to understand the battlefield of the future. Using digital engineering, we can introduce new technologies onto a vehicle platform to test it today – far before the requirements are written for the future.

Enter RB301 – a new concept, developed by BAE Systems that serves as an Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) “rolling lab” to be used alongside digital engineering and systems integration labs to evaluate, test, and mature next generation combat vehicle technologies and warfighter capabilities that will be required on future battlefields. RB301 is BAE Systems’ solution to ensuring we are ready to design a new combat vehicle for the future of battle. This asset offers a means to evaluate and test new OMFV technologies that can also be spiraled into existing combat vehicles by leveraging commonality with the Armored Brigade Combat fleet (ABCT).

RB301 will allow BAE Systems to quickly and easily test new technologies, gain soldier feedback and will ensure combat vehicles are designed with only the best next-generation solutions for tomorrow’s demands.

The rolling lab is currently configured with an Elbit Systems of America modern medium caliber 30mm turret to evaluate increased lethality, a high voltage (HV) vehicle electronic architecture to support evaluation of advanced C5ISR and operational capabilities such as silent watch, and a high efficiency mechanical transmission to evaluate improvements to traditional  mobility and range. RB301 also features 360 degree awareness and targeting capabilities to improve our understanding of situational awareness and improved passive and active vehicle and formation survivability.

BAE Systems is committed to designing best-in-class solutions for the men and women who protect our nation. BAE Systems’ RB301 is a dependable method of driving innovative solutions into battle for tomorrow’s IFVs. 

The RB301 will be on display at BAE Systems’ AUSA booth #1210.

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