Earth Day 2021
Earth Day video
The past year has brought harsh reminders of the fragility of where and how we all live: from raging wildfires and tornadoes to a global pandemic. We all have a role to play as stewards of our environment and in the midst of it all, mankind has demonstrated generosity, resilience, and creativity in the face of immense challenges. 
At BAE Systems we are committed to sustaining the environment and we have set a goal for ourselves to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions across our worldwide operations by 2030. Many of our customers share a commitment to reducing or eliminating negative environmental impacts, and we continue to work on a range of technologies to help them fulfill this ambition. Some examples include:
  • Transit Buses: BAE Systems’ electric drive systems are on buses in service throughout North America and Europe, and more than 13,000 propulsion systems are in service on transit buses worldwide. Each year those systems contribute to a cleaner world by saving more than 28 million gallons of fuel and eliminating 313,000 tons of carbon dioxide across the globe – the equivalent of taking 54,000 cars off the road, or planting four million trees.
  • Oyster Reefs: The Ship Repair Environmental Team in Norfolk, Virginia installed nine structures along the shipyard’s coastline to provide a habitat for adult oysters, which can filter up to 50 gallons of water a day, and create a cleaner river.
  • Sustainability on Worksites: In Austin, Texas, our business center is focused on sustainability measures on its campus, including rainwater harvesting tanks for educational gardens, reclaimed water for cooling towers and a program to save Monarch butterflies.
  • Solar Energy: More than 1,400 solar panels have transformed the new headquarters of BAE Systems Hägglunds and will generate an estimated 370 kW at peak production and reduce carbon emissions by 187 tons a year.
  • Aircraft Electrification: We are looking into the future and developing power and control solutions for next-generation electric aircraft.
While this journey won’t be easy, we are proud of the work we are doing to reduce our carbon emissions and to help others do the same. Watch the Earth Day video to learn more about what BAE Systems is doing to create a sustainable future, and stay tuned to for more information on our sustainability work throughout the year.