Earth Day is a national recognition day celebrated every year on April 22 where more than one billion people participate in global events to demonstrate their support of environmental protection. At BAE Systems, we are not only committed to protecting the environment on Earth Day, but we work every day to protect the communities in which we work and ensure that our products and programs are sustainable.

Green solutions to public transportation

To date, we have 7,000 hybrid electric systems in service on buses from London to California.  Each year these buses transport one billion passengers, saving 15 million gallons of fuel while eliminating 160,000 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. From our HybriDrive propulsion systems to our Series-EV, we continue to develop more efficient transportation solutions that protect the environment and enhance communities’ bus systems.   
HybriDrive® Propulsion Systems
Transit bus agencies around the world have taken initiative to clean up their cities and provide commuters with sustainable, quieter options for public transportation.  As a result, we have equipped city buses with our HybriDrive propulsion systems, designed specifically for fuel savings and optimized for buses that have long routes and frequent stops. The HybriDrive propulsion provides three different systems based on vehicle weight, the HDS100, HDS200, and HDS300 system. In the U.S., these systems far exceed the American Public Transportation Association’s strict guidelines for sustainability.
Series-E Hybrid-Electric System
Solaris bus with BAE Systems' electric drive propulsion system
With our continued effort to go above and beyond to make buses more sustainable, we’ve found a way to make city buses electric with our Series-E hybrid-electric solution. This technology allows transit agencies to drive on electric power, enabling buses to save 30 percent or more in fuel. By using this technology transit buses can drive on electric power in zones requiring no emissions or looking to reduce noise.
Gillig’s all-electric buses hit the streets of Walnut Creek, CA
Building on our Series-E technology, we’ve developed our Series-EV technology, which uses the same components as our high-performance Series-E hybrid-electric system, but instead eliminates the internal combustion engine and contains larger batteries, which stores more energy.   
In November of 2016, the Central Contra Costa Transit Authority, which provides service to Walnut Creek, Calif., introduced four all-electric buses which use our Series-EV technology, making these buses the first zero-emission transit solution in the area.
Fuel Cell
Fuel Cell Bus
Using our proven HybriDrive technology, we continued to make advancements in bus technology, with the inclusion of our Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology. Buses that use this technology use hydrogen as the sole fuel source, making water the sole exhaust, resulting in zero-emissions. This technology stems from the Federal Transit Administrations’ efforts to improve buses as part of the American Fuel Cell Bus program. Buses that use this technology can be found in Orange County, Calif.; Irvine, Calif.; Thousand Palms, Calif.; Flint, Mi.; Boston, Mass.; and Stark County, Oh.

Eco-friendly waterways


We’ve taken our proven, green bus technology and brought it to the water with the introduction of our HybriGen® power and propulsion system

HybriGen® Power and Propulsion System
Matthew Turner
Our HybriGen® power and propulsion system is a hybrid electric marine solution which provides clean, quiet travel via boat. Because our HybriGen solution provides cleaner, quieter travel, it in turn supports marine life by minimizing the disruption of the water which comes from excess fuel and noise.
Since its implementation, our HyrbiGen technology has been used by the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, Conn., on their R/V Spirit of the Sound – a research vessel that provides tours to students who want to learn more about marine life. Because our HybriGen technology boasts quiet travel, it creates an ideal learning environment for students traveling on the R/V Spirit of the Sound. Additionally, this technology was recently installed on The Matthew Turner hybrid-electric tall ship, which launched April 1, 2017, becoming our fourth installed environmentally friendly system.
HybriGen® Zero
HybriGen® Zero
In the same way we continued to advance our HyrbriDrive technology, we have continued to advance our HybriGen technology with the creation of HybriGen Zero. HybriGen Zero provides tow boats and fishing fleet operators with a more eco-friendly solution that introduces electric power to the boats reducing the use of their diesel generators, ultimately helping them to decrease their fuel emissions.
Pride of California Dry Dock
While we work to provide transit agencies with our solutions that help make their cities cleaner, we also strive to protect the environment surrounding the areas in which we operate.  A prime example of this is the installation of our Pride of California dry dock.
The 950-feet long and 205-feet wide dry dock has an environmentally responsible design to support its surrounding habitat. We worked closely with the Port of San Diego and local, state, and federal agencies, to ensure the floating dry dock meets or exceeds environmental standards.
Now the largest dry dock in California, it has two all-electric wing wall cranes; a 250,000 gallon storm water collection system; a non-hazardous underwater hull paint system; a closed loop salt water fire protection system; and an energy-efficient LED lighting system throughout.
In addition to its sustainable design, we also found ways to keep the water surrounding the dry dock clean and well protected during the build process. From installing eel grass in San Diego’s south bay to using hydro-acoustic monitoring to track in-water noise during the construction of the pier to protect marine life, we’re helping ensure the dock’s surroundings flourish. The Pride of California will be a main fixture at our San Diego Shipyard for many years to come, and demonstrates our effort to be a leader in environmentally friendly initiatives.