Charleston Aluminum, LLC

Location: Charleston, South Carolina


Employees: 72

History: Founded in 2001, Charleston Aluminum prides itself on quality and performance and is a metal  distributor of copper, brass, titanium, aluminum, steel, and bronze, among others supplied to companies across the country. They distribute this full range of  metals in almost any shape a company could want or need including: structurals, plates, pipes, tubes, ropes, channels, sheets, beams, hexes, hollow structures, coils, rounds, bars, round wire and other custom shapes.


Bradley Vehicle Support: This Gaston, S.C. manufacturer provides aluminum plates for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and is currently working with BAE Systems to prevent a three-year gap in production starting in 2014 for the Bradley production line.

What would be the impact of the Bradley Industrial Base shutdown on the skilled workforce? All 72 employees that work at Charleston Aluminum touch the company’s Bradley work in some way and are considered a key part of the Bradley Industrial Base. Therefore, every employee at this manufacturer and the surrounding community would feel the impact of shutting down the production line. “The consequences of a production line shutdown will have significant impact to the short and long-term health of our company, this region, and for the entire Bradley Industrial Base.” said Portnoy.

We have a strong commitment to the defense industry, it’s an important sector of our business. But with a potential gap in Bradley production, we’d be facing some layoffs despite our involvement in other industries. Willie Portnoy, President, Charleston Aluminum