When asked why he volunteers, Kevin responds with one word: Gratitude. He’s grateful for all he has in his life and grateful for people who have helped him throughout his life. Kevin understands that a random or small act of kindness can go a long way in helping others, and choosing to uplift and dignify another individual is selfless and remarkable. That’s why for the past three years, Kevin has been volunteering at the Community Kitchen at Eva's Village. Eva’s Village’s mission is to provide care and support for people who are struggling with poverty, hunger, homelessness, and addiction.
Kevin Tsm
After Kevin joined the BAE Systems team, he learned about a volunteer event at Eva’s Village and thought it would be a great way to get involved. Employees from Wayne and Totowa volunteer with the non-profit once per month. After his first volunteer event, Kevin learned just how much he could help by simply serving a hot lunch to the less fortunate for only two hours a month - he was moved. That’s what has kept him going back for years. Kevin also enjoys earning company volunteer rewards for his time spent volunteering, which he donates to his local food bank, CUMAC, and to Oasis, a shelter for women and children. 
Kevin now leads the volunteer initiative at Eva’s Village for his site. He is grateful for the colleagues that join him each month. It’s a great way to bond and grow outside of the office. Throughout Kevin’s years of volunteering he continues to see how volunteering has positively impacted his life and the lives of others. He believes in giving back - especially to those who need it most or who don’t have the means to give anything in return. He says: “It grows your heart to intentionally serve other people and I’m happy to do my part to make someone’s day. Who knows what difference a random act of kindness can make on someone’s journey? Whether we see it manifest or miss it, we all go through a variety of ups and downs. It is what should make us empathize and relate as humans.”

Fun Fact

Kevin was raised in South Africa for some years and is fluent in isiZulu and English! To add an additional language to his vocabulary, he is currently learning Spanish.