Building a stronger, more secure supply base
The security threat landscape is continually evolving and breaches span industries, exploiting risks to businesses, national security missions, and infrastructure. The government and the defense industry are moving quickly to address current and future challenges and protect what matters most.
We demonstrate our commitment to national security through our innovative supply chain security solutions that put our customers ahead of incoming threats. Our solutions reduce the risk of losing valuable information, intelligence, and property and aim to better inform our customers so they can make strategic, data-driven decisions.
“One of BAE Systems’ long-standing flagship Department of Defense (DoD) customers identified a major gap in their supply chain capabilities and asked our team for assistance. Through our strategic partnership, we listened to our customer’s needs and utilized internal capital to create a solution to secure their supply chain,” said Brian Wysocki, a systems security engineer within BAE Systems Intelligence Solutions business.
One such supply chain security (SCS) and enhanced risk management solution enables our customers to analyze data, cross-examine the threat landscape, track products through the supply chain as well as data that might get compromised on the dark web; all while receiving leading and lagging indicators. Our solution monitors relevant information and notifies our customers of the potential for a physical or cyber-attack as well as an increased risk of data or financial loss.
“Our solution started as an open source toolkit and we’ve expanded it with the integration of 15 vendor tools to provide big data intelligence at speed,” said Dr. Don Widener, director of BAE Systems Advanced Analytics Lab and Chief Technology Officer of BAE Systems’ Intelligence Solutions business. “With these tools combined, plus the application of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and our data science solutions, we are helping to create a resilient supply chain for our customers that they can manage as well as offset risk. Our goals are to identify, catch, and mitigate risk before it turns into a crisis or threat to national security.”
With our solution, customers map their vendors to understand their own supply chain risk. Through AI/ML, we automate data ingestion so that analysts no longer have to do manual searches that used to take days and often weeks to complete.
“When you have more than 10,000 vendors, it’s very difficult, if not impossible, for a person to process and sift through all the data in a timely manner to catch a threat before it becomes a reality,” continued Wysocki. “It’s not just cyber that we are looking at, it’s much broader, we’re providing a monitoring and analytic capability that covers the entire supply chain, from components and wires to cyber and financial data. Expanding our customer’s security posture is a priority. Our solution helps us protect what matters most.”
“We enable our customers to evaluate a range of vendors and analyze the key information needed to select new microelectronic components or other mission-critical elements,” said Dr. Michael Bear, a BAE Systems technical director. “We continuously update our solution, enabling the ability to track in machine-speed the health and security of these elements, ensuring system availability and ultimately mission success.”
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