The Bradley Industrial Base is made up of nearly 600 small, medium and large businesses spanning across the United States. Each business is unique. Each provides a specialized skillset. Each makes an important impact in their community. And each has their own story to tell. This is the second in a series of profiles we will be sharing to provide a deeper understanding of who makes up our Bradley Industrial Base.

Supplier: AMZ Manufacturing Corp.

AMZ Manufacturing Corp.

Location: York, Penn.


Employees: 63

History: AMZ Manufacturing Corp. is a vital employer in central Pennsylvania that has provided metal finishing to defense, aerospace, electronics, agriculture, energy, medical and telecommunications companies for generations. The company is recognized by the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP) for its quality and chemical handling systems.

Bradley Vehicle Support: AMZ Manufacturing Corp. provides electroplating and chemical resistant coatings for the parts that go into the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

Long-term impact of a Bradley Industrial Base shutdown on the business: AMZ Manufacturing Corp. has been hurt by economic downturns and a shutdown of the Bradley Industrial Base would be a significant setback to the viability of the business. Since 2009, the company has downsized, reducing its workforce to semi-skilled and skilled employees. A Bradley Industrial Base shutdown will mean the loss of many of these skilled defense workers. In turn, the company will need to increase its medical and telecommunications specialty and industry focus.

What would be the impact of the Bradley Industrial Base shutdown on the skilled workforce? A Bradley Industrial Base shutdown will leave the business without unique-to-industry skillsets that take years to train and perfect. It takes up to three years to train a fully skilled employee. If we lose those skills now, we will not be able to quickly restore them when needed.

We are very proud of our company’s contribution to the production and maintenance of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle. But during these difficult economic times, we cannot maintain the skilled workers and equipment needed if the U.S. Army shuts down production and we don’t have orders to fill. With an Army contract in place for this work, we can make sure that our skilled workforce continues to meet the needs of the U.S. military. Jeff Adams, President, AMZ Manufacturing Corp.