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International WorkBoat Show

November 30 - December 2, 2016

900 Convention Center Blvd, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70130, United States of America

From the highest quality ship repair capabilities to the most efficient electric power and propulsion systems, BAE Systems "does it all."

Strategically located across the United States, BAE Systems continues to be the leading source for ship maintenance, repair, overhaul, and conversion. And now, BAE Systems is bringing marine power and propulsion solutions to increase a vessel’s operating efficiency and performance while saving fuel, operational costs, and the environment. Tailored to your requirement, BAE Systems provides a complete solution for efficient propulsion or auxiliary power systems, while our ship repair business performs ship support services on all three coasts.

Ship Repair

BAE Systems is a leading provider of ship repair, maintenance, conversion, and overhaul for the commercial, government and private customers. The company operates seven full-service shipyards in Alabama, Florida, California, Virginia and Hawaii, and offers a highly skilled, experienced workforce, eight dry docks, and significant pier space, crane and ship support services. BAE Systems’ customers include mega-yacht owners and industry leaders that operate offshore support vessels, oil exploration vessels, oil transportation vessels, cargo ships, international carriers and cruise ships.

Power & Propulsion Solutions

BAE Systems is a leader in hybrid and electric power and propulsion systems. More than 7,000 transit buses in major cities all around the world are powered by series propulsion systems and is bringing 15 years of technical experience to the water. Partnering with leading manufacturers of marine diesel engines, BAE Systems is providing complete, efficient propulsion, and auxiliary power systems to increase vessel operating efficiency and performance while saving fuel, operational costs, and the environment.

Ferries & Service Vessels

HybriGen® technology inside Norwalk Aquarium’s Research Vessel the Spirit of the  Sound™
BAE Systems’ patented HybriGen® power and propulsion system provides either hybrid-electric propulsion or power for hotel loads, or both simultaneously. Learn more about, the Spirit of the Sound™ using HybriGen power and propulsion and the latest installation for City University of New York (CUNY).

Towboats and Fishing Fleets HybriGen® Zero

American Commercial Barge Lines (ACBL) teamed up with BAE Systems to provide hotel power with a “no-fuel” generator, HybriGen® Zero. Stop by to discuss how BAE Systems’ can save fuel and emissions, and more importantly, maintenance by eliminating the vessel’s diesel generator.

Tugs, Fast Ferries, and Windfarm Support Vessels

Hybrid Assist
With Hybrid Assist, a vessel can be powered electrically on low speeds or can provide an electric boost at high speeds. Reduce fuel and emissions while decreasing engine hours up to 50%.
Visit us and talk about your operational needs or learn more about other exciting projects we are working on.

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New Orleans, United States of America
900 Convention Center Blvd
New Orleans, Louisiana
United States of America
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Power & Propulsion Solutions

Ship Repair
Ship Repair
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