APTA Annual Meeting

October 4 - 7, 2015
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) uses BAE Systems’ Series-E power and propulsion systems to power 40’ transit buses.
APTA Annual Meeting October 4 - 7, 2015 2015-10-04T17:37:59+02:00 2015-10-07T17:38:02+02:00
San Francisco, CA, 94102, United States of America 333 O'Farrell St,San Francisco, CA,94102,United States of America

Zero Emissions Are What Drive Us


BAE Systems, HybriDrive Solutions attended and demonstrated its zero-emission capability at the recent American Public Transportation Association's Annual Meeting in San Francisco (October 4 -7, 2015). BAE Systems met with transit agencies across the U.S. to talk about how transit can successfully implement zero-emissions solutions without adding additional infrastructure, taking power of the grid or dedicating a specialized vehicle to a route.

HybriDrive Solution’s Series-E electric power and propulsion system provides a practical solution for transit agencies today. The Series-E system has an on-board charger so operators do not need to plan time to reroute and recharge electric vehicles and there is no extensive city planning to build charging stations. BAE Systems’ approach is easily implemented into existing fleets today and a great way for cities to decrease their emissions and noise levels along with fuel usage.

As a sustainable organization BAE Systems’ involvement also included sponsorship of an important APTA Session: Beyond Green: Sustainability in Practice – Finding value in sustainability for your organization.