2020 International Nitrocellulose Symposium

Listing of Scientific and Planning Committee members

Nitrocellulose Symposium Scientific Committee

 Paul Deacon  AWE
 Phil Gill  Cranfield University
 Claude Guillaume  MANUCO
 Mortiz Heil  ICT Fraunhofer
 Zach Higginbotham  BAE Systems
 Monique Van Hulst  TNO
 Ian Levac  General Dynamics – Canada
 Michael Ramin  Nitrochemie Wimmis

Nitrocellulose Symposium Honorary Committee

 Manfred A. Bohn  ICT Fraunhofer
 Wim de Klerk  TNO
 Mario Paquet  General Dynamics – Canada
 Beat Vogelsanger  Nitrochemie Wimmis

BAE Systems

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Zach Higginbotham
Mobile:  +1 540-480-0653
Lisa Evans
Mobile:  +1 717-818-7363
Mike McCarthy
Mobile:  +1 571-213-0182