By electronically placing specified data points into real world geospatial contexts, GIS Mapping enhances the ability of government agencies at every level, businesses, researchers, universities, and others to analyze, interpret, educate, plan, guide, and create forecasts reflecting information and events worldwide and in space.

GIS Mapping greatly enhances insight and usefulness of virtually every data set topic, helping organizations gain a better understanding of spatial relationships. The additional application of advanced photogrammetric and data analysis tools on the GIS information gives users additional spatial and temporal insights on issues of national significance, including those related to national security threats, military engagements, climate change impacts, global financial transactions, and humanitarian and disaster response. However, the effectiveness of any GIS Mapping effort depends significantly on the quality and timeliness of data available, cutting edge capabilities in the GIS technologies employed, and the knowledge and proficiency of the GIS services professionals involved.

Technologies that enhance GIS mapping to provide additional insights include:
  • Geospatial analysis, photogrammetry, data fusion, and exploitation tools (i.e. SOCET GXP™) that combine government and commercial data sources to create highly accurate analysis, modeling, and planning information for end users.
  • Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI) systems that automate collection, analysis, and visualization of data relevant to project goals.
  • Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) systems that quickly detect, capture, and model terrain data in 3-dimensional depictions.
  • Automated Terrain Modeling systems that use satellite-generated High Resolution Terrain (HRTe) data, Next-Generation Automatic Terrain Extraction (NGATE) data, and similar software


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