We provide test support to commercial, military and aerospace customers around the world.
We provide world class test support to commercial, military and aerospace customers around the world, with capabilities to test the impact of temperature, humidity, altitude, shock, vibration, acceleration, driving rain plus many other conditions. We also provide customers with test plans, control plans, requirement analysis, design of test rigs, and on-site test support.

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  • BAE Systems is developing the next generation of highly advanced cyber technologies for both defensive and offensive use by the defense industry and commercial companies.


    Cyber Technology R&D

    Cyber attacks are common today, but few know what to do about them. Our Cyber R&D unit develops and deploys Resilience in Depth™ solutions that adapt to defeat escalating attacks and expedite cyber weapon response.

  • Our FAST Labs EW R&D unit is pioneering new technologies in electronic surveillance, electronic protection, and electronic attack.


    Electronic Warfare R&D: Defense Electronics Innovation

    Our FAST Labs Electronic Warfare R&D team is unrivaled in advancing innovative RF technologies that deliver clear superiority in EW and C4ISR capabilities across all military platforms, where and when it matters most.

  • We use algorithms and signal processing with massive sensor data to give the U.S. military new mission insights and opportunities.


    Multi-Int Signal Processing R&D

    We create signal processing and machine learning algorithms that leverage masses of often underused sensor data to give warfighters and analysts new insights, options, and opportunities for mission success.

  • AVATAR generated exceptionally realistic network personas for use in defensive cyber applications or testing of cyber techniques.


    Cyber Resilience Platform Intrusion Detection

    Aging "Defense in Depth" cyber security no longer works well against today's more targeted, zero-day cyber-attacks. Our Cyber Technology R&D unit's adaptive Resilience in Depth™ solutions model pursues, tracks, and kills threats.

  • Multi-domain processing algorithms provide robust situational awareness and understanding, enabling intelligent action in contested environments


    EO/IR Sensor R&D

    Our EO/IR Sensor R&D team creates and evolves sensors that collect Electro-Optical and Infrared signals across the electromagnetic spectrum to support pivotal mission objectives.

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    Tactical Networks: Defending Mission Computers

    Our Tactical Networks R&D team uses advanced resilience-in-depth cyber technologies and protocols to deploy U.S. military wireless tactical networks with autonomic zero-day defense and response security.

  • Stores System Tester (SST) – Armament Test System


    Stores System Tester (SST) – Armament Test System

    The Stores System Tester (SST) is a ruggedized flight line armament test system that enables real-time diagnostic analysis.

  • BAE Systems electrical engineers reviewing new defense electronics designs in front of new processing equipment in development


    FAST Labs™ Advanced Technology and Defense R&D

    The FAST Labs™ R&D group of BAE Systems pushes the limits of what is possible; to create advanced technologies that give our customers the edge they need to win and our employees the chance to change the world.

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