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Research, Design & Development

We integrate advanced technology into our products and use it to enhance our manufacturing processes.
We integrate advanced technology into our products and use it to enhance and support manufacturing capability, increasing our efficiency and performance. We also work in partnership with small and large companies in other industries and academic institutions to develop new capability to support our customers.

Research, Design & Development Products

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  • F-35 at night


    Electronic warfare

    Our electronic warfare technology delivers superior situational awareness, even in the most complex battlespace. Defeating threats long before they can be seen is how we provide the critical edge.

  • Soldiers fire an M777A2 Howitzer in Iraq in December, 2016


    Precision Guidance Kit – Anti-Jam (PGK-AJ)

    Mature solution transforms conventional artillery shells into precision munitions with GPS anti-jam guidance capabilities.

  • Product

    Mission Effectiveness Augmentation System® Software

    Mission effectiveness augmentation system (MEAS) software is a feedback control paradigm that helps pilots and mission planners enhance mission effectiveness in very lethal and highly dynamic environments.

  • Technology Focus Area


    FAST Labs research & development

    We solve some of the United States' most critical defense and intelligence problems by innovating technologies that push the limits of what is possible, give our customers an edge, and our employees a chance to change the world.

  • 40 Mk4 Naval Gun


    Naval Weapons

    BAE Systems is the premiere advanced weapons provider to the U.S. Navy and allied navies around the world. Our product offerings cover ship self-defense, distributed lethality, and launching systems.

    Product Family
  • APKWS rotary wing


    Precision-guided munitions

    First-shot accuracy with low collateral damage

  • LRASM - Long Range Anti-Ship Missile 


    Long Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM)

    BAE Systems’ long-range sensor advances precision guidance capabilities for missile systems.

  • Adaptive Radar Countermeasures operating against enemy Integrated Air Defense Radars


    Adaptive radar countermeasures (ARC)

    BAE Systems is developing technology to enable electronic warfare (EW) systems to effectively deceive and jam enemy radar.

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