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Cross Domain Solutions

We have nearly 30 years of experience providing approved cross domain hardware and software solutions to government and commercial customers.
We have nearly 30 years of experience providing approved cross domain hardware and software solutions that enable the transfer of data between networks of different security classifications, as well as other cyber security products, and training to government and commercial customers.

Cross Domain Solutions Products

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    Advanced Electronics R&D: Next Generation Systems

    Electronics, optics, and advanced materials that create multi-function technologies for superiority in the electromagnetic battlespace.

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    Intelligent Autonomous Systems R&D

    Integrates control, estimation, and learning to create adaptive and intelligent solutions capable of real time information processing and decision making.

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    Project Sunday

    Project Sunday helps government workers feel better connected to life outside of the secure facilities in which they work each day because you have “a need to know” what is going on at work and at home.

  • XTS Guard 5


    XTS® guard 5

    XTS Guard 5 is a high assurance cross domain solution that enables secure sharing between networks of various security classifications and enclaves. With more than 700 worldwide deployments, XTS Guard 5 has a longstanding track record of securing sensitive data of all classification levels.


    FAST Labs™ Advanced Technology and Defense R&D

    We solve some of the United States' most critical defense and intelligence problems by innovating technologies that push the limits of what is possible, give our customers an edge, and our employees a chance to change the world.

    Product Family
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    Cybersecurity support and services

    Technical support and professional services are available to assist with deploying, administering and troubleshooting the entire Cybersecurity products portfolio, offering peace of mind and reassurance in case of problems with their product. The technical support and professional services group is comprised of high-level engineers who have multiple years of experience in working with the cybersecurity product lineup.

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    Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting Partner USA

    BAE Systems is recognized by AWS as an Premier Tier Partner for Servicing U.S. Government and Commercial Clouds

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    Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps Competency Partner USA

    BAE Systems delivers applications and infrastructure, optimizes cost and performance, and protects organizational assets with security

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