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Advanced Materials

We have a world-class capability in materials and manufacturing.
We have a world-class capability in materials and manufacturing, spanning technology for the smallest nanostructures to large scale welding methods, as well as composite materials to make stronger and lighter structures. We design and manufacture nonlinear materials that convert energy from near-infrared to the long-wave for infrared laser sources. Other materials we produce are used for ultra-low level detection of chemical warfare agents, target-specific gas mask filtration, anti-tampering, and decontamination.

Advanced Materials Products

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  • engineers look at plans in front of machines


    Advanced Electronics R&D: Next Generation Systems

    Electronics, optics, and advanced materials that create multi-function technologies for superiority in the electromagnetic battlespace.

  • image of clouds and sky from the viewpoint of inside a jet


    Intelligent Autonomous Systems R&D

    Integrates control, estimation, and learning to create adaptive and intelligent solutions capable of real time information processing and decision making.

  • AH-64E helicopter equipped with the Smart D2™ system


    Smart D2™ system

    Next-generation smart countermeasures that defeat existing and emerging threats


    FAST Labs™ Advanced Technology and Defense R&D

    We solve some of the United States' most critical defense and intelligence problems by innovating technologies that push the limits of what is possible, give our customers an edge, and our employees a chance to change the world.

    Product Family
  • Photo of nonlinear optical crystals


    Nonlinear crystal technologies

    Applying innovative techniques to create high-quality optical crystals