Linda Hudson

Fortunately for all concerned, Congress and President Obama appear to have reached a deal to fund the government until January 15 and raise the debt limit until February 7, removing for now the specter of the United States defaulting on its obligations. It’s a good-news ending to a story that never should have been told in the first place.
The solution is short-term, but we’re hopeful it will lead to a more durable agreement that will avoid our having to live through this yet again. The deal will at last allow hundreds of thousands of government workers and contractors to return to their jobs. About 1,200 Inc. employees, mostly from our services businesses, were without work at the height of the shutdown’s impact, and thousands more hoped to avoid a similar fate.
My sincere thanks go to our employees for their conduct during this unfortunate period – those whose jobs were disrupted, who dealt with uncertainty and loss of income, and those who remained on the job and, circumstances aside, maintained a laser-like focus on what we do and why we do it.
I would like to believe the worst is behind us, but it would be naïve to think we won’t face similar circumstances again. Whatever happens, I am encouraged by the calm determination our employees demonstrated in response to these events. Again, thank you.