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Virgin Australia charges up with IntelliCabin® In-Seat Power

Virgin Australia 737-800 aircraft - image
Virgin Australia charges up

BAE Systems today announced it is bringing the IntelliCabin® In-Seat Power solution to Virgin Australia’s Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The system makes 110vAC and USB charging capability available to every seat on the aircraft by delivering versatile power solutions to passengers with a smaller in-seat installation footprint than other competing solutions. Virgin Australia will install the system on one of its Boeing 737-800 aircraft for a trial period to gauge customer demand across its network.

“Providing access to AC outlets gives passengers charging flexibility as USB ports advance and change,” said Jared Shoemaker, director of Cabin Systems at BAE Systems. “Our decades-long legacy of excellence in power management has allowed our In-seat Power Solution to be very robust with a smaller footprint. Our system provides power to every seat without impeding passenger legroom.”

“We are excited to partner with BAE Systems for this trial to provide an inflight charging solution to our guests to support our popular wireless inflight entertainment system. This will also help us define the future of our inflight product as we evaluate enhancements and fleet updates,” said Virgin Australia Head of Product Development Ben Asmar. “The IntelliCabin In-Seat Power solution is attractive due to its power demand monitoring, which ensures all guests have power when they need it most. The small under-seat footprint of the solution ensures we don’t compromise on guest comfort.”

BAE Systems will develop the supplemental type certificate for the Boeing 737-800, with entry into service slated for the second quarter of 2017. The system combines both alternating current (AC) and high powered USB outlets to provide maximum flexibility for passengers. Current in-seat power systems are typically mounted at the seat, with power converters taking up passenger legroom, luggage space, or both. Because the IntelliCabin system employs a centralized power converter with small Smart Junction Boxes that fit into conventional airline seats, this issue is eliminated. The system is configurable to provide as much power as needed across the cabin.

Development and production will take place at BAE Systems’ locations in Endicott, New York and Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Learn more about our IntelliCabin solution.

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