IntelliCabin Turns Heads at Aircraft Interiors Expo

Aircraft Interiors Expo is the largest commercial aircraft cabin interiors trade show, and is held annually in Hamburg, Germany
Time to Board

The IntelliCabin™ system turned heads at the Aircraft Interiors Expo show in Hamburg, Germany, with 38 airlines, 45 aircraft manufacturing representatives, and 19 journalists eager for a demo of the fully-integrated cabin system of the future.

The show was an excellent opportunity for the commercial aviation market to learn more about the IntelliCabin system as well as about the Memorandum of Understanding that we have signed with Samsung™ to work together to enhance passenger and crew experience through the use of mobile devices.

The state-of-the-art IntelliCabin system provides tablet-based, in-flight entertainment and crew control from anywhere in the aircraft. The futuristic cabin also includes dynamic LED lighting, temperature control, seat control and in-seat power, as well as galley functions — all operated at the touch of a button from one adaptive control panel or via Samsung mobile devices. This new capability frees the crew to better serve their passengers and efficiently manage the cabin.

"The excitement from potential customers at the show was palpable," said Jared Shoemaker, director of cabin systems at BAE Systems. "Working with Samsung to use their stunning Galaxy devices with our proven cabin technology brings a whole new level of interest to a cabin product that we expect will make big news in the coming months."

Our Commercial Aircraft Solutions team from Endicott, N.Y., first launched IntelliCabin at the Aircraft Interiors Expo last year, but expectations for the 2014 show were off the charts since Samsung came on board and airlines started to book meetings for a chance to experience the new system’s advanced capabilities.

The IntelliCabin system, which is currently in development, is available for retrofit and line fit to airlines and aircraft manufacturers worldwide. With its customizable in-seat power solution, cutting-edge cabin management and entertainment via Samsung mobile devices, it’s no wonder the cabin game has changed with the system’s debut. Soon, when it’s time to board, you can look forward to an enhanced experience courtesy of IntelliCabin.