Check Your Six

Check Your Six
40,000 Check-6® systems delivered to U.S. Army

“Check your six” is a term commonly used by troops in theater, reminding their teams to keep an eye on what’s behind them. Our Check-6 vehicle taillight camera helps fighting forces do just that, allowing them to see behind their vehicles while remaining protected under vehicle armor.

Today, seven years after it was invented, we’re proud to celebrate the delivery of the 40,000th Check-6 system to the U.S. Army. This unique, patented invention – a thermal imaging camera sensor embedded within the military style taillight housing of ground vehicles – has been providing combat crews in Iraq and Afghanistan with day, night, and all-weather rear vision capability on a variety of military combat and tactical vehicles. These include heavy-armored tracked and wheeled vehicles such as the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle, MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle (MATV), M1 Abrams main battle tank, Stryker Family of Vehicles, and Medium Mine Protected Vehicle (MMPV).

“Being able to see outside the vehicle’s armor provides a vital increase in situational awareness and safety for the soldiers inside it,” said Gary Morris, business development manager at BAE Systems. “Our Check-6 cameras improve safety and mission effectiveness, and above all, they can help save lives.”

These rear vision systems use thermal or color cameras embedded into Department of Defense style taillights, offering performance with easy installation and the ability to replace taillight housings common to more than 200,000 military vehicles. The Check-6 systems are manufactured in Austin, Texas, at our center for engineering and manufacturing of Integrated Vision System products for the military.