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SAN DIEGO, California — BAE Systems has formed a team to compete for the next development phase of the U.S. Navy’s primary intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and targeting, or ISR&T, system. The team is competing for a contract to transition the Distributed Common Ground System-Navy to an application-based system through the DCGS-N Prime Mission Product, known as DCGS-N PMP.

The BAE Systems-led team consists of BAE Systems, General Dynamics, Sun Microsystems, MTCSC, Space Dynamics Laboratory, InVisM, and Athena consulting. DCGS-N, the network-centric operations “backbone” for the Navy, enables the actionable and timely distribution of ISR&T data, processes, and systems. It helps naval commanders make better decisions in major combat operations.

“Knowledge and intelligence are essential elements in providing an advantage to our warfighters,” said Gene Glazar, president of information solutions for BAE Systems. “This team is dedicated to ensuring that our Navy maintains information dominance in any battle space. We look forward to continuing our history of performance on the current DCGS-N contract in pursuing DCGS-N PMP.”

“General Dynamics will leverage its mission systems integration and information assurance experience to deliver mature, leading-edge technologies,” said Lou Von Thaer, president of General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems. “Our open and scalable architecture approach will enable the integration of information into the DCGS-N environment across multiple-level security domains, providing Navy commanders with the information they need to achieve mission success.”

With DCGS-N PMP, the Navy is moving toward applications and services on a common infrastructure to share and disseminate vital ISR&T data for analysis and targeting in support of a wide range of missions. As the gateway to joint and government-agency intelligence systems, DCGS-N allows the Navy to exchange information and data across multiple security domains, warfare areas, environments, and theaters.

“Key to DCGS is the timely, accurate, and efficient movement of ISR&T data not only between service components, but up and down echelon within each service,” said Tracy Morgan, vice president of technical transformation for MTCSC. “MTCSC’s DCGS Integration Backbone architecture and DCGS family of services experience will bring value to the BAE Systems team and the DCGS-N PMP program.”

BAE Systems, Sun Microsystems, Space Dynamics Laboratory and Athena Consulting are current contractors for DCGS-N. General Dynamics, MTCSC, and InVisM bring valuable experience and technologies to the team.

The team will co-locate at the BAE Systems command, control, communications, computing, and intelligence development center in Point Loma, California. The Navy is expected to award the DCGS-N PMP contract in March 2010.

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