PHOENIX, Arizona — BAE Systems has received a $75 million order from the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to produce and deliver hard armor inserts used to protect Soldiers and other men and women in combat.

The Enhanced Small Arms Protective Insert (ESAPI) plates are worn in soft armor vests, such as the Improved Outer Tactical Vest, to protect against a variety of ballistic threats. Since 1998, BAE Systems has produced more than 1.2 million hard armor inserts, including ESAPI and other SAPI derivatives, under various Department of Defense contracts.

“The ESAPI plate protects against multiple hits from small arms threats,” said Don Dutton, vice president and general manager of Protection Systems at BAE Systems Support Solutions. “These hard armor inserts help to save lives on the battlefield.”

The $75 million order is part of a new, three-year contract from DLA Troop Support. The total value of contract orders could reach approximately $236 million over the next three years. ESAPI plates are manufactured at the BAE Systems Phoenix, Ariz. facility, and deliveries are expected to begin this September and continue through August 2013.

“BAE Systems and its employees continue to demonstrate their commitment to producing top products to protect our troops worldwide,” said U.S. Representative Ed Pastor. “I’m proud of the work being done in my district to bring our men and women back home safely.”

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