57Mk3 Naval Gun

“This contract award further strengthens our strong position in the naval guns market,” said Lena Gillström, managing director of Weapon Systems, Sweden, at BAE Systems. “This competitive win shows that BAE Systems’ world-leading 57mm naval gun and ammunition systems continue to be selected as the best solution for both new and existing customers around the world.”

The 57 Mk3 gun is proving to be a successful product for various customers. In addition to Mexico, the 57 Mk3 is also in service with Navies and Coast Guards in the United States, Canada, Sweden, Finland, and Malaysia.

The 57 Mk3 gun can fire four rounds per second and can switch immediately between ammunition types to deliver seamless targeting of air, land, and sea-based threats and provide superb survivability and tactical freedom at all levels of conflict.

Series production begins immediately, with gun deliveries beginning in 2015 and continuing through 2017. Final assembly will take place at BAE Systems’ facility in Karlskoga, Sweden.

For further information, please contact:
Sigurlaug Forsman, BAE Systems
Tel: +46 58 673 33 60
Mobile: +46 73 668 22 02

Kelly Golden, BAE Systems
Tel: +1 703-907-8441
Mobile: +1 717-818-7400


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