The company will provide a range of services to ensure effective and reliable information systems and equipment in various nations, including Kuwait, Qatar and Afghanistan. The total value of the contract could reach more than $1 billion over five years if all of the options are exercised.

Under the Operations, Maintenance and Defense of Army Communications, Southwest Asia and Central Asia (OMDAC-SWACA) contract, Aerospace Solutions will provide comprehensive, around-the-clock support at
more than 25 locations. Services will include maintenance, repairs, logistics, training and supply chain management for various types of communications requirements.

“This is critically important work for the Army and a major services contract,” said Erin Moseley, president of BAE Systems’ Support Solutions sector. “We are ready and committed to support our customer at anytime and anywhere in the world.”

The contract was awarded by the Army’s Network Enterprise Technology Command/9th Signal Command, based at Fort Huachuca, Ariz. The command serves as the main provider of services to meet the Army’s international network communications needs. BAE Systems, in partnership with a team of subcontractors, will manage the contract from its facility in Fort Walton Beach, Fla. The work will be performed at numerous government sites in Southwest and Central Asia, primarily in support of the 160th Signal Brigade.

“We look forward to supporting and maintaining the U.S. Army’s widespread satellite and ground communications networks,” said Gordon Eldridge, vice president and general manager of Aerospace Solutions at BAE Systems. “Our team brings the knowledge, reliability and dexterity needed to sustain this program globally.”

For more information on BAE Systems’ support of Operations, Maintenance and Defense of Army Communications for the U.S. Army or to apply for a job under this contract, please visit


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