BAE Systems’ STOP OS™ operating system has been officially certified to cryptographically protect sensitive data. The operating system received a Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 validation, thereby meeting the standards for cryptographic systems required by the U.S. government and enterprises in critical infrastructure, banking and healthcare.

“STOP OS is already the world’s highest assurance general purpose operating system. Security is designed as its core focus,” said Bill Mabon, director of the BAE Systems Cybersecurity Product Portfolio. “Application developers who require mission-critical security can now use STOP OS to encrypt sensitive data.”

Software firm Openkast, Ltd., is using the new STOP OS™ to enhance the security of its Openkast Assure™ application. "Our customers can now not only leverage STOP OS, but they have access to its strong crypto for data protection,” said George Smith, CEO of Openkast.

STOP OS is the premier secure operating system that provides flexible security policies, a Linux®-compatible application programming interface and high performance. STOP OS gives the defense and intelligence communities, government and enterprise solution providers and integrators a trustworthy and robust foundation for developing trusted information sharing, guarding and server applications.

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