Vulcano Precision-Guided Munitions

Vulcano Precision-Guided Munitions
The Vulcano family of precision-guided, gun-launched munitions offers U.S. and allied military forces a range of low-risk, cost effective capabilities for advanced, large caliber weapon systems.
BAE Systems and Leonardo have come together to offer a low-risk, precision-guided solution that is more affordable and higher performing than current alternatives.
Offering significantly greater range and precision, the Vulcano is compatible with the majority of land and naval platforms including 155mm and 5-inch (127mm) gun systems to defeat land and sea threats. The Vulcano family capitalizes on new and emerging technology based on a fin-stabilized airframe with canard control for extended range and terminal guidance, with mechanical interfaces that are the same as standard ammunition.
As the original equipment manufacturer of major gun systems such as the Mk 51 Advanced Gun System, the Mk 45 naval gun and the M777 and M109 howitzers, BAE Systems is best suited to integrate Vulcano into these weapons. Similarly, the latest adaptations of Vulcano are compatible with the majority of in-service artillery systems including Leonardo’s 127/64 LW and 127/54C naval guns.


Vulcano Range Specifications

Weapon Ballistic Extended Range (km) Guided Long Range (km)
127/64 LW 60 90
Mk 45 60 90
M777/M109 40 60
M777/M109 (5-inch saboted*) 50 70
M777/M109 ERCA 75+ 100+
Mk 51 AGS 75 100
* 5-inch BER and GLR airframe saboted to 155mm caliber