NetReveal® Unauthorised Trading and Insider Fraud

Unauthorised Trading and Insider Fraud
NetReveal® Unauthorised Trading and Insider Fraud solutions help minimise financial loss, protect customers and identify employee misconduct, collusion, and theft.
Insider fraud or employee misconduct can take many forms and have many motivations. Common to both is the increasing severity and volume of insider threats in the private sector. Rogue trading incidents have resulted in significant financial losses, reputational damage and risk to investment banks and institutions across the world.
Firms of all sizes still struggle to create a truly holistic view of an employee or trader behaviour across systems, products, and controls. Increasingly intricate organisational structures, and advances in technology have only made this issue more complex.

Insider Fraud

NetReveal Insider Fraud combines business rules, outlier profiling, machine learning and statistical analysis to detect suspicious employee behaviour. The power of the solution lies in its ability to identify risk: not just at the transaction level, but also at the social network and entity level (such as customer, organisation, or employee) across multiple data sources.

Unauthorised Trading

NetReveal Unauthorised Trading creates an integrated view of controls and trade data across the natural silos that exist within an investment bank, from front- to back office, across product groups and control areas.
We use a data-driven approach to help achieve critical business objectives by improving the quality of data captured, securing it and employing advanced analytic techniques to enable institutions to make better informed decision.


Key Benefits:

  • Reduce operational losses - Uncover risk and exposure through a combination of sophisticated statistical pattern-matching, peer group analysis, and social network analysis with rule-based control indicators
  • Minimise reputational and compliance risk - Demonstrate robust oversight and transparency with Key Risk Indicators (KRI) to separate unusual from high-risk behaviour and a consistent, comprehensive analyst workflow 
  • Halt illicit trading early - Gain a holistic view of risk, evaluating every individual trader, desk, book or other business entity across functions and over time to quickly spot deviations from normal behaviour

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive data integration
  • Advanced, accurate risk detection
  • Holistic view of activity
  • Intelligent risk scoring
  • Streamlined incident response
  • Consistent investigation process