Tactical Data Links

Tactical data link capabilities in use
Tactical Data Links are secure military communication standards that exchange tactical data between platforms and commands.

Knowing exactly what’s happening during an operation is crucial for any soldier — it means they are able to make timely and accurate decisions. Decisions that can make the difference between life and death.

So the ability to share information securely is critical.  Our TDL capabilities help make this possible. Accurate and assured, situational awareness information is passed during ongoing operations, using our leading edge, flexible, and secure data system.

Issuing commands electronically to the frontline, reduces the workload of pilots and troops and ensures the accuracy of the details.

By integrating our operationally proven, robust products into customised Tactical Communications capabilities, our customers are provided with cost effective, flexible solutions, which meet their individual requirements and deliver real value.

Users don’t have to worry about compatibility issues as the system has the capacity to support a vast range of link types, including AFAPD, Link 16, IDM, Link 22, JREAP, SADL, Link 11 and VMF.