The Eurofighter family

Typhoon support to UK fleet
We have a long-term partnership with the Royal Air Force to support the UK Typhoon fleet.
In August 2016 we commenced an innovative 10 year partnership agreement with the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) to transform support of the UK Typhoon fleet. The Typhoon Total Availability eNterprise (TyTAN) arrangement introduced new ways of working to further reduce the costs of operating the fleet at RAF Conningsby and RAF Lossiemouth by more than a third. The arrangements will enable an estimated £500m of savings to be reinvested to develop new capability enhancements for the aircraft.
TyTAN involves us working with partners across our supply chain to drive improvements and to deliver the lowest possible costs to the MOD. The arrangement, which includes a joint avionics solution with Eurofighter Partner Company Leonardo, will reduce the cost of the support service by around one-third whilst maintaining and improving levels of support to the UK Typhoon fleet.
Previously BAE Systems operated the Typhoon Availability Service contract for the Royal Air Force.