Support Services

Our combat vehicle capabilities
Providing integrated support solutions for our UK MOD and our global customers.
BAE Systems supplies integrated support solutions for armoured fighting, wheeled and combat engineering support vehicles for the UK MoD and our global customers.  
In addition, we also provide test and evaluation services for weapons systems, munitions, hazardous products and bridging systems.  
Our team specialises in four main areas: 
  • Technical consultancy services
  • Spares and repairs services
  • Training services
  • Testing and evaluation services

Technical consultancy services

We are a trusted advisor to UK and export customers for affordable technical consultancy support throughout the life cycle of military land vehicles.
Providing support around the world
Our Field Support Representatives support the users and maintainers of their equipment around the world.  They provide both technical advice and a "hands on" service including upgrades and modifications.
Our Field Service Representatives support both the British Army and our export customers in many locations worldwide, for example CVR(T) vehicles in Latvia.

Our customers rely on their comprehensive knowledge and experience of the mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment in our vehicles.  They also provide support to soldiers on operation, as they have in Iraq and Afghanistan, where they have been recognised with civilian medals.

Spares and repairs services

We provide a high performance, agile and competitive spares and repairs service that consistency delivers quality and safe products for UK and Export customers.
We also use innovative technology to enhance our support delivery:
Vehicle data analytics
Our LandLINK™ capability enables us to provide intelligent support to our global customers through usage, asset and supply chain data analytics to maximise equipment availability and reliability whilst reducing through-life cost.
Addititive Layer Manufacturing
Additive Layer Manufacturing – otherwise known as 3D printing – allows us to provide an agile and rapid capability to manufacture components to ensure our Customers’ vehicles have greater reliability and availability for training and operational use. 
In 2016, we fitted our first 3D printed parts to vehicles and are expanding this capability.

Training services

We are a leading provider of training and associated maintenance maintenance services to UK and export customers in the land domain.

Test and evaluation services

We take pride in collaborating with other defence organisations, the wider BAE Systems plc business and adjacent industries to provide test and evaluation services for a wide range of platforms, weapons systems, munitions, hazardous materials and bridging products.
Munitions testing and evaluation