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Optical Electronic Warfare Systems

Optical Electronic Warfare Systems
BAE Systems has a proven history of providing threat detection, integrated processing, and advanced threat countermeasures for superior protection against guided and unguided threats to rotary and fixed wing aircraft.

With more than 40 years of experience, BAE Systems’ survivability equipment protects aircraft and crews from infrared (IR) threats with solutions that are easily installed and cost effective over the life of the aircraft. Benefiting from years of successful development and customer input, BAE Systems provides reliable and versatile threat management solutions based on mission and platform requirements.

The approach

  • Evaluate the aircraft for platform requirements
  • Simulate mission conditions with exposure to anticipated platform vibration, temperature, and motion
  • Provide training, technical manuals, and global field support
  • Implement modular solutions that allow straightforward capability upgrades and scalable system protection

Proven experience

The increase of sophisticated infrared-guided missiles is a dangerous reality. These lethal threats challenge mission success in today’s warfare and peacekeeping scenarios. With more than four decades of experience and 500 infrared countermeasures experts, BAE Systems has set the standard for developing state-of-the-art threat management solutions. The company’s Worrell/Weeks aircrew protection center and state-of-the-art Jam Lab enable rigorous analysis of aircraft survivability equipment in an operationally representative environment. A strong relationship with customers allows BAE Systems to develop greater awareness and understanding, while continually evolving products based on user feedback. Customers rely on BAE Systems’ expertise, dedication, and commitment to provide innovative next-generation equipment for the future.

Threat management solutions

The company’s tailored aircraft protection solutions include a modular family of systems that automatically sense, process, and respond to IR threats, and improve situational awareness – while helping aviators execute their missions in hostile environments. These systems are battle proven in combat operations. Depending on platform and mission needs, BAE Systems’ threat management systems are often integrated to create a layered suite of protection.


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