Navigation and Guidance Systems

BAE Systems Rokar specializes in the development, manufacture, integration, and support of high-end GPS receivers and guidance systems for advanced defense applications.

GPS solutions are available for space, air, land, and naval platforms, as well as for rockets, smart munitions, and projectiles. Systems perform in challenging conditions such as radiation hardening, high roll-rates, shock resistance, high-dynamic maneuvering, and multiple GPS jammer environments.


BAE Systems Rokar delivers complete GPS solutions that integrate customized hardware, software, and algorithms. Systems are designed for standalone use in a full navigation system, or as GPS boards to be embedded in an inertial system.

The SNIR (Satellite Navigation Immune Receiver) product family is designed to meet stringent requirements for overcoming emerging GPS jammer threats. SNIR integrates advanced anti-jam technologies, according to user needs, to suppress various interferences in multiple-jammer environments. These systems are installed on air, land, and naval platforms and used for a wide range of munitions. They can be integrated as anti-jamming receivers or added to legacy GPS receivers.

An extensive range of gun-hard GPS receivers can be integrated with mortar and artillery shells and rockets, providing an accurate first-round fire capability.
Projectiles and rockets can be upgraded with GPS-based, low-cost navigation and guidance systems.

Extremely accurate GPS receivers with dual redundancy and are operational in orbit in various types of satellites. With a proven track record in space systems, Rokar offers services in development, manufacture and qualification of radiation-tolerant systems.

GPS Navigation and Guidance Products
  • GPS Anti-Jamming Satellite Navigation Immune Receivers: SNIR
  • Navigation and Guidance Systems for Artillery Projectiles: GH GPS
  • GPS and Guidance Systems for Artillery Rockets: Nav-Comp
  • GPS for High Dynamics Systems: NAVPOD
  • GPS for Airborne, Ground and Sea Platforms: NT4RLG