Munitions Management & Supply

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Munitions Management & Supply is a one-stop-shop munitions service. We can take on the entire process of managing the supply chain and delivering the products to where you need them.

We are built on integrity. Our customers expect only the most professional, transparent and trustworthy service. And that requires a professional, transparent and trustworthy supply chain.

Our Munitions Management & Supply (MM&S) service works in partnership with carefully selected suppliers to ensure that safety and suitability, deadlines, specifications, security of supply and value for money are at the heart of the relationships we build. This is how we protect the quality of the products we supply - and the reputations of our customers.

A history of delivery

For 20 years, BAE Systems Land (UK) and its predecessor companies has ensured that the relationships with its supply partners deliver trust and value for money to our customers. We supply over 50 different natures to our customers and in recent surveys, our customer satisfaction levels were over 95%.

The way we work with our suppliers - we think of them as partners - is key to our success. The MM&S process provides a single conduit for communications and engagement, delivering clarity of requirement and value for money. The result is a way of working that reduces time lost and instructions misinterpreted.

It is a way of ensuring all our relationships are aligned to deliver your goals more effectively.

Intelligent buying

The Defence industry exists in an environment of price escalation, extended supply chains, obsolescence and service disruption. MM&S ensures we are able to work faster, leaner and more effectively.

Informed Market Intelligence delivers efficient and effective product procurement. Continuous improvement and innovation throughout the supply chain ensures our partners keep pace with our own developments. We drive supply chain performance and development through the management of agreed key performance indicators (KPIs) that ensure we keep delivering.

The strategy of supply

Long-lasting relationships lead to more than improved understanding and a smoother workflow. The partnerships we develop with our strategic suppliers are underpinned by long-term partnering agreements (LTPAs) which protect security of supply. They secure long term pricing, always with the aim of reducing product prices by 20%. And they ensure continuous improvement, building in investment in new technologies and facilities.

The result of these collaborations: Greater value and better performance for our customers.

Partner with our Munitions Management & Supply and benefit from a partnership that protects your supply, reduces delays and reduces costs.