Our Pacific range

Pacific 24 in operation
Our range of performance rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) is designed and built primarily for maritime counter terrorism, policing, anti-piracy and search and rescue operations. 
The outboard Arctic and inboard Pacific Class crafts, proven over thousands of operational sea hours, all feature a deep V hull bottom for the best seakeeping capability, allowing the users to carry out some of the most challenging operations in the toughest conditions. 
Each class can be deployed by air, land and sea, and can be parachuted from an aircraft. They are equipped with the latest technologies to integrate secure communication systems and electronics. 
The performance RIBs have been specially designed for high-speed and long-range operations. Featuring a composite structure, these boats are built to ensure they remain operational with users around the world.
They come in a number of variants and our specialist boats team is able to offer customised support packages, equipment and configurations depending on requirements. Options range from ballistic protection, weapons integration, and power and propulsion systems, to environmental and crew weather protection.
We have developed a smart deck track system which allows users to change the layout of the deck depending on the mission. It reduces the platform costs, but importantly it provides users with the agility they need in a constantly changing environment. 
The investment we have made in autonomous technologies can also be integrated into our performance RIBs as an affordable, modular upgrade that enables the craft to be operated manually or autonomously, providing flexibility in challenging environments.

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