81mm mortar bomb

81mm Mortar
We offer a range of 81mm mortar bomb variants which deliver a battle-proven area effect for the British Army and other armed forces around the world. 

They can be used in a range of mortar weapon systems and deliver consistent high performance. Our variants include:


High explosive L41A4


The High Explosive 81mm mortar bomb L41 series is fitted with the Mk4 Charge System and employ a spheroidal cast iron bomb body, which combined with a high energy explosive filling, provides optimised fragmentation.

The bomb is approved for use with both proximity and point detonating fuzes.

  • Range - 5,375m (when fired from either a ground or vehicle mount)

Red phosphorus smoke RO 04-04A1


The red phosphorus smoke varient gives longer lasting and more effective smoke production with lower toxicity that white phosphorus.  

It uses 36 pellets that disperse and sit above ground giving a smokescreen over a wider area.

This variant is in service with Armed Forces around the world.

  • Effective smoke area - 120 secs
  • Range - 5,375m

Illuminating L54A1


The wide arc of light provided by the illuminating L54A1 variant gives troops optimum time to spot hostile forces.

It is based on an air burst, split body design is in service with armed forces throughout the world.

  • Burn time - 30 secs
  • Range - 4,950m
  • Intensity - 1 million candela

Infrared illuminating L58A1


This varient offers troops the ability to see the battlespace clearly illuminated through night vision equipment without giving away position to the enemy.

It was created in response to an operational requirements identified by serving forces and continues to be in service with the British Army.

  • Burn time - 120 secs
  • Range - 4,950m

Image of soldier carrying 81mm mortar bombs



The future of 81mm mortar bombs


Our dedicated engineering team is developing several improvements to our mortar bombs to increase effectiveness and operational safety for users.  These include:

Insensitive Munitions (IM)

By using IM, troops using mortar bombs will be subject to a much lower risk of enemy fire triggering an explosive chain reaction in mortar bomb stockpiles.

Precision guidance

We have a fully development mortar guidance system which uses GPS and fins built into the fuze to provide two-dimensional course correction.

Preformed fragmentation

We are testing preformed fragmentation in mortar bombs, creating the potential to increase the area effect and offesenive capability of the bomb.



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