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Intelligence Management

Intelligence Management
Our NetReveal® Intelligence Management solution enables businesses to securely create or ingest, curate, retrieve, edit, disseminate and delete investigative intelligence.
Intelligence management is an increasingly onerous task for companies. Organisations must find time, budget and resources to process, classify, report, search and share information to justify the initiation of a fraud investigation.
Part of the problem is that intelligence is scattered across an organisation, its employees and systems, making collection and interpretation difficult. Once consolidated, this intelligence is often not appropriately secured, classified, and governed.
Even worse, the intelligence is often not properly dispersed or disseminated, making it hard to extract the most value from it, which means the actionable benefits are not realised.
Intelligence Management DiagramIntelligence gathering and management is a sensitive activity. A record may hold information about subjects who are not customers, a suspicious insider, or dangerous criminals. Protecting sources of intelligence is paramount.
With NetReveal Intelligence Management, businesses can securely create or ingest, curate, retrieve, edit, disseminate and delete investigative intelligence.
Companies will be equipped with a rigorous framework that ensures all intelligence holdings are correctly evaluated and classified – preventing intelligence falling into the wrong hands while making it easy to retrieve, analyse and be used in automated fraud detection.


Key benefits

  • Create and manage intelligence using the automatic ingest feature and our comprehensive data interface, or simply through manual input. Our flexible interface captures people, objects, events and locations for pinpoint correlation and timely validation
  • Store intelligence securely. Capture and restrict access to top secret intelligence with peace of mind without jeopardising the source and custodian of the intelligence
  • Detect and classify records by tagging records with suspicion and risk levels according to severity, source reliability, and sensitivity using industry best practices
  • Turn intelligence into actionable evidence. Make intelligence available to support investigations and build into a case pack

Key features

  • Dedicated intelligence portal
  • Industry standard methodology for rating and reviewing intelligence
  • Intelligence obfuscation
  • Data visualisation
  • Works inline with data retention and regulations