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HybriDrive® Series-E

Transit bus operators will now be able to employ engine stop/start technology to shut off bus engines as passengers board and disembark
HybriDrive Series-E may be called a hybrid drive system, but the fact is, it powers a bus completely electrically.

Electric made easy (without infrastructure, grid power or dedicated routes)

Electric transport gives transit agencies the ability to reduce emissions, noise and save on fuel budgets. Choosing BAE Systems’ Series-E electric power and propulsion system allows transit agencies to drive on electric power where and when they need it most. If you are looking to transition to electric power without building additional infrastructure on city streets or taking power from the grid, you should consider Series-E propulsion. BAE Systems’ Series-E electric propulsion has an on-board generator. Transit buses can drive on electric power in zones requiring no emissions or looking to reduce noise. Once the vehicle is out of the sensitive zone, Series-E propulsion uses regenerative braking and on-board power generation to charge the batteries for later use.

Series-E is flexible

Series-E: electric drive systems do not have to be dedicated to a specific route; transit agencies have the ability to run Series-E powered buses on any and all routes. There’s no performance or range limitations since the system has its own on-board generator keeping the battery charged. Transit agencies with Series-E technology can take advantage of truly independent system charging; independent of the grid, specified bus routes and intervention from the driver.

Series-E - it’s electric today and more electric tomorrow

With Series-E you are not locked into ever-changing technology. The Series-E system is an electric drive system and can use a charging system of your choice. Your options include the on-board generator or off-vehicle options such as inductive or conductive charging systems. Today BAE Systems has several electric drive projects in progress, talk to us about your needs.

Proven technology

There is no need to worry about moving to electric technology with BAE Systems. There are more than 6,000 BAE Systems on the road today all around the globe demonstrating our experience in electric power and propulsion.

Fuel & emission savings

Save with Series-E. Expect to save 30% or more in fuel with Series-E power and propulsion over diesel buses and enjoy emissions savings higher than both Diesel and CNG buses.* (wells-to-wheels).

Series-E video demonstration

Take a look at transit buses demonstrating Zero-Emission Travel in a downtown area and Stop/Start technology simulating a bus stop. The Series-E system automatically shuts off the bus engine at a stop and passengers board and disembark without noise or emissions.

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