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Dedicated Environmental Test Service

Assembly Integration and Test - Dedicated Environmental Test
We provide a dedicated ‘Environmental Test’ facility at or manufacturing facilities in Portsmouth and Hillend (UK).

Broad Oak, Portsmouth, UK

Key features include:

  • 23 thermal liquid nitrogen cooled chambers and a humidity chamber.
  • Thermal performance up to 100°C/minute over a +200°C to -100°C range
  • 14 vibration systems including 8 combined with thermal facility
  • Specialist advice on the application of a wide range of testing regimes

Hillend, UK

Our Hillend  facility is designed for extreme testing including high reliability and harsh environments..

Key features include:

  • Thermal liquid nitrogen cooled chambers and a humidity chamber with thermal performance up to 60.C/minute over a +200.C to -100.C range
  • Chambers at -65.C to 150.C with a rate of change up to 20.C/minute
  • Chamber humidity from -40.C to 120.C with a 5.C/minute rate of change
  • A vibration facility capable of vibrating in 3 separate axis; swept sine, random, sine on random and shock

Active functional testing is available with all environmental regimes offered.

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