Deployed Energy Management System

A Deployed Energy Management System in action
The Deployed Energy Management System (DEMS) is an innovative plug-and-go solution, incorporating an energy management system that controls generators, maintains storage and intelligently manages demand to meet operational requirements and energy use patterns.

It simply integrates equipment currently in use yet is designed to have the flexibility to accommodate commercial generators and current and future fuel saving technologies such as solar power and wind.

The benefits to customers using DEMS are great in number.  It is simple to use for deployed operators and can be controlled in theatre or remotely; being desirable for all locations where there is a requirement for power not available from the main grid.

It is also highly configurable to enable locations of small operating bases or large operating bases to plug in the necessary components to get the most efficient power solution for any type of deployed operations.  Power is distributed in a more efficient way and in conjunction with the generators the system can also use alternative energy such as solar power and wind energy making it a more sustainable option.

DEMS is proven in operational tasking to save up to 30% in fuel and maintenance costs.