Mission Management and Support Equipment

Automatic test equipment for electronic systems

F-16 Automatic test Equipment
Driving the future of automatic test equipment with flexible products and complete support solutions

BAE Systems has designed and manufactured comprehensive test solutions for both military and commercial applications for more than 40 years. During this time, we have kept pace with the rapidly evolving market to deliver integrated, commercial-off-the-shelf solutions to our customers.

Our test equipment consists of an open architecture, adaptable core that can easily integrate with additional instrumentation. This enables the development of unique configurations that support the full spectrum of avionics and electronics in use today. Fielded in 25 countries around the globe, our systems provide organizational, intermediate, and depot-level support for electronic warfare systems, displays, flight and fire controls, radars, communications, and stores management systems.

Areas of expertise

  • Automatic test equipment cyber security
  • Test program set development
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Systems, electrical, and mechanical design
  • CMMI Level 5 software development
  • RF design and synthetic instrumentation
  • Diminishing manufacturing sources mitigation
  • Test system upgrades
  • International support

BAE Systems also offers turn-key support for this equipment that includes training, depot-level repair, logistics support analysis, and on-site maintenance. We continually work with our customers to ensure the equipment we provide remains ready, reliable, and relevant.

Mission Management and Support Equipment

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