Artisan 3D Medium Range Radar Type 997

Artisan 3D Radar Being fitted to HMS Queen Elizabeth
Image showing Artisan 3D Medium Range Radar Type 997
At the forefront of radar technology for more than 70 years, we supply and support every major UK Royal Navy warship
Artisan 3D is a software-driven radar in service with the Royal Navy, including on board the UK’s new aircraft carriers HMS Queen Elizabeth and her sister ship HMS Prince of Wales. It’s the next generation of medium-range surveillance target designation and air traffic management radar for ships and comes in standard, long range and compact variants.
Capable of detecting objects as small as a tennis ball and travelling at three times the speed of sound more than 25km away, Artisan 3D can monitor more than 900 objects simultaneously from 200 to 200,000 metres and cut through radio interference equal to 10,000 mobile phone signals.
Testing Artisan 3D Medium Range Radar Type 997

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