Augmented Reality Display Glasses

BAE Systems engineers are working to develop one of the highest performing, most durable augmented reality glasses on the market.
Developing the highest performing Augmented Reality (AR) glasses in the world

BAE Systems is working to develop the highest performing AR glasses in the world; combining revolutionary display capability and personal equipment technologies to create a high-performance system, within a low-profile design.

Although many commercially available AR glasses exist in today’s market, they generally have limitations in performance when it comes to more challenging environments. Significant challenges include high enough luminance for bright sunlight operations, a wide field of view, and head-tracking able to function effectively on a moving platform. BAE Systems’ AR glasses solution will provide users with an unrivalled display performance, able to operate in the harshest and most demanding environments.

Where are we now in development?

BAE Systems has finalised the prototype of its augmented reality (AR) glasses, completing the penultimate stage of the product’s development. The prototype, currently in a headset form, follows the unveiling of the concept demonstrator in late 2017, where plans to develop the brightest and toughest AR glasses were announced to the market. Improvements to the system since the concept demonstrator include the transition to a full-colour display; a two-fold increase in the field of view (now 40° x 30°), and the introduction of an inertial head-tracker, similar to that found in the company’s flagship Striker® II head-mounted display.

What’s next?

BAE Systems will continue to develop its AR solution alongside real-word end users, in both military and commercial settings, to ensure the technology meets and exceeds all expectations. We are now in an advanced stage of development, where we will reduce the size, weight, and power requirements; all whilst retaining display quality and continuing to increase display brightness. Engineers on the programme are already working closely with counterparts our maritime side of the business to explore the integration of AR glasses onto bridges of naval ships. This capability would allow the officer of the watch, who is responsible for the ship’s safety, to see and digest intuitive information, without ever having to take their eyes off of the outside world.

Our augmented reality legacy

Experts in moving and controlling light, BAE Systems has 60 years of experience in the design, development, and production of high performance, high integrity displays. Whether head-worn or head-up, the company’s intuitive displays provide users with essential information when and where it counts. BAE Systems continuously invests in display innovation, and with numerous patents registered within the AR field, is able to provide its customers with unmatched situational awareness — giving them the critical edge they need, no matter the environment.


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