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AN/DPX-7 Reduced Size Transponder (RST)

Our AN/DPX-7 next generation Reduced Size Transponder delivers the world’s most advanced Mark XIIA Identification Friend or Foe capabilities in a small form factor solution.
Our AN/DPX-7 RST meets tomorrow’s military and civil IFF specs, including Mode 5, Mode S, and ADS-B functionality in a reduced size, lower cost unit.

The purpose of any Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) system is to identify and track aircraft, ships, and some ground forces to reduce friendly fire incidents. Our AN/DPX-7 Reduced Size Transponder (RST) does that job effectively, yet is half the size and weight of other transponders. It also requires less power, costs less, and is upgradable to meet future demands.

The AN/DPX-7 is a Mark XIIA/Mode S/Mode 5 /ADS-B passive-receive RST with an embedded ADS-B IN capability that can reduce procurement, upgrade, and life cycle costs. It’s ideal for platforms with SWaP-C constraints – like UAVs, remotely piloted aircraft, and helicopters – but would be a beneficial upgrade integrated into any platform.

Possessing every feature required for tomorrow’s global military and civil air traffic control domains, our AN/DPX-7 RST includes ADS-B IN to support situational awareness and sense-and-avoid applications. Its extensive programmable technology ensures versatility and future efficacy via software upgrades, avoiding the risks and costs of hardware modifications. And this Reduced Size Transponder even has an interchangeable Platform Interface Module (PIM) for interface flexibility.

Watch this RST Video to learn more about our next generation IFF transponder.

Download our AN/DPX-7 Reduced Size Transponder data sheet, or contact our Identification Friend or Foe business representative today.


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