Tempest and the
Future of Combat Air


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Tempest is leveraging and developing the very best technology in existence, working in partnership with academia and high-tech SMEs across the UK. At the same, we are embracing new ways of working and investing in advancing technology in our manufacturing processes to transform and drive pace and efficiency.

Transforming to drive pace and reduce cost

Innovation sits at the heart of everything we do and new, UK generated, intellectual property will be critical to sustaining operational advantage and freedom of action.
The Tempest partners have worked closely in recent years with related civil sectors, including automotive, to invest in crosscutting technologies with wide benefits, such as autonomy, advanced manufacturing and advanced materials.  Just like NASA programmes gave us baby formula and computer mice, and previous combat air programmes gave us mobile phones and anti-lock brakes, our work on Tempest will generate benefits across sectors and processes.
Our Factory of the Future, at Warton, sees us working in partnership with the brightest minds across the supply chain, from university professors to blue chip companies and SMEs.
Drawing on Industry 4.0 technologies, the Factory is a connected hub of technologies, designed to drive pace and cost-effectiveness into production of our aircraft today and demonstrate how aircraft could be built in the future. It also aims to allow the brightest and boldest engineers to research, invest and test new technologies and transformative ways of working.
Our investment in the Factory will help ensure we retain and develop critical skills, helping the UK continue to operate at the forefront of technology in the sector.
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Factory of the Future

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Drawing on UK expertise


With our Team Tempest partners, we are engaging with wider industry and leveraging the best technologies and processes, wherever they are found in the global supply chain - particularly across high technology, manufacturing and aerospace sectors.
This includes partnering with small and medium enterprises, academia and industrial organisations, pushing the boundaries and stepping outside of our sector, working alongside organisations we have never traditionally partnered with – from automotive manufacturers to computer game developers – to drive amazing technology development quickly.
As a business, this approach is key to how we are already delivering technology advances such as the PHASA-35 Solar Hale demonstrator, which could play a key role in the information and communication drive network of systems in the future.
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BAE Systems and Williams Advanced Engineering have joined forces to explore how battery management and cooling technologies from the motorsport industry could be exploited to deliver efficiency and performance gains in the design of future combat aircraft.
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Seven companies representing the breadth of innovation across the UK have signed agreements to progress opportunities to work on future combat air concepts and underpinning technologies across Team Tempest. 
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